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Better Value:

  • Costs £20bn less than existing plans (HS2 & HS3) (core plan only, equivalent to HS2+HS3)
  • Has 200 miles less railway to maintain
  • Provides 48% journey time savings on journeys between the top 33 cities and  major airports

Better Connected:

  • Makes 92% of journeys between cities faster, compared to 13% for existing plans  (HS2 & HS3)
  • Allows high speed services to extend on to the existing network
  • Links directly to Heathrow and HS1 whilst connecting directly all major UK cities


  • Saves 600 million tonnes of CO2 – essential for climate change commitments
  • Makes use of existing transport corridors such as the M1
  • Avoids route through Chilterns AONB and other important and tranquil  rural areas
  • Needs less tunnelling, less spoil, less energy and less concrete than  existing plans
  • Uses city centre stations without need for cars to access parkway stations
  • Includes a national rail freight network


  • Improves regional rail across the UK
  • Integrates with existing rail services
  • Gives higher return on investment, and lessens need for subsidies to existing  routes
  • Provides extra capacity, with 4 tracks to the Midlands (existing plan has only 2)

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