Key HSUK Benefits

  • Capital cost of around 25% less than HS2.
  • All 9 primary cities of the Midlands, the North and Scotland directly interconnected by high speed trains running at hourly (or better) frequency.
  • Direct hourly high speed services to Heathrow from all 9 primary cities of the Midlands, the North and Scotland.
  • Many other regional cities (Bristol, Southampton, Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Leicester, Derby, Doncaster, York, Darlington, Warrington) directly connected to all 9 primary cities.
  • Intercity journey times reduced by an average of 40% across entire intercity network of the Midlands, the North and Scotland (whereas HS2 might manage 5%).
  • Journey times to London equivalent to those of HS2.
  • Step-change capacity enhancement on all main line corridors (except Great Western).
  • 4 new tracks on critical London-Leicester section.
  • Full interconnectivity between local and national high speed network.
  • Easy access to HS1, achieved at minimal cost.
  • High speed services accessing all existing intercity hubs – no new termini or parkway stations.
  • Major regional growth generated through improved regional connectivity.
  • Environmental damage minimised through following existing transport corridors.
  • Step-change road-to-rail modal shift enabling potential 600Mt reduced CO2 emissions over 40 years, in broad compliance with targets of 2008 Climate Change Act (whereas HS2 will be no better than ‘carbon neutral’).

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