Our Challenge

HSUK believes that if the Government is proposing to spend £50 billion on new railways linking our major cities, this money must be spent responsibly to build the best possible railway system, delivering the greatest benefits to the widest possible population, for the least cost and impact. All the comparisons on our website show clearly that HS2 is not the best outcome for UK transport, and that our alternative High Speed UK proposals outperform HS2 in almost every conceivable respect.

HSUK are challenging the Government to demonstrate that their HS2 scheme delivers the best outcomes for UK plc. If they cannot, they must abandon HS2 and join us in connecting the nation with High Speed UK.

HSUK also believe that a project of this magnitude must be developed in accordance with all necessary due process, best practice and professional impartiality. The Government reports that support HS2 are littered with false statements, unfounded and unverified assumptions, and when the Government – or rather, their experts at HS2 Ltd – have been confronted with these multiple deficiencies, they have simply ignored the evidence, and carried on regardless.

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