Our Values

HSUK is dedicated to developing a national railway network fit for the 21st century, reflecting our core values of:

Inclusivity – It’s only worth spending £40-£50 billion pounds of public money on high speed rail if it can deliver direct benefit to the greatest practicable population. To improve only a few selective point-to-point journeys, and hope for wider spread of ‘trickledown’ benefits, is not acceptable.

Connectivity – High speed rail is only a worthwhile investment if it improves connectivity. Better connectivity is vital to realising both improved economic performance and the road to rail modal shift essential for reduced CO2 emissions. Improved connectivity stems from the following:

  • Enhanced capacity
  • Reduced journey time
  • Increased frequency
  • Improved interchange (if direct journey not possible);
  • Creation of new journey opportunity
  • Greater resilience to disruption

Harmonisation – As well as delivering core connectivity objectives, high speed rail must also conform with wider public policy objectives such as:

  • Reduction of transport CO2 emissions in line with requirements of 2008 Climate Change Act.
  • Minimisation of intrusion into sensitive rural environments.
  • Promotion of transport integration.
  • Economic development of UK regions

Network – With the fundamental objective being a railway network rather than simply a line, it’s vital to understand the new science of railway network design, to ensure optimum results. Railway network design is a combination of all traditional railway engineering and operating disciplines, plus transport and strategic planning. A holistic approach, understanding all aspects, is essential.

Opportunity – The Government’s high speed rail initiative represents a unique and unrepeatable opportunity not only to build new and faster railways, but also to remedy the many defects in the existing system. Addressing both these issues will ensure the optimum outcome of a better-balanced integrated system, interlinking all UK primary cities and airports and maximising economic and environmental gains.

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