Some quick answers to frequently asked questions about the campaign.
  1. What makes HSUK 25% cheaper than HS2?
  2. Hasn’t the Government already made up its mind upon HS2?
  3. Is high speed rail the right solution? Should we not concentrate on upgrading the
  4. Has the Government considered HSUK?
  5. Why is the Government so keen on a high speed route through the Chilterns?
  6. Why is HSUK’ proposed ‘spine and spur’ configuration more efficient that HS2’s Y-shaped one?
  7. How can HSUK claim reduced transport CO2 emissions when HS2 is no better than carbon neutral?
  8. Why have the Government’s experts at HS2 Ltd made such a mess of designing a national high speed rail network?
  9. Why has HSUK chosen a lower top speed than HS2?

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