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  • Friday, 15 July 2016
    HSUK Statement on New Transport Secretary

    London, 15th July 2016: Following the announcement that Chris Grayling has been promoted to Secretary of State for Transport, High Speed UK (HSUK) is calling on the Government to review the HS2 project which has been marred by controversy and a lack of due process since the start.

    Chris Grayling’s appointment as the new Transport Secretary is timely and will give him the opportunity to undertake take an in-depth review of the HS2 project.

    Quentin Macdonald, HSUK Systems Engineering Principal: “HS2 is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. It will destroy people’s homes, turn Euston station and the surrounding neighbourhood into a permanent construction site for 20 years, damage 63 Ancient Woodlands in phase 1 alone, save absolutely no CO2 emissions and cause untold damage to the Chilterns AONB.

    “On top of that, HS2 is now showing signs of a project in serious financial distress being condemned by the National Audit Office and seeing Sir Jeremy Heywood desperately looking for savings.

    “It is the Department for Transport which has lead the scheme into this mess and we are calling on Mr Grayling to question why no alternative high speed rail schemes have been properly considered.

    “The ill-conceived and fatally flawed high speed rail project costing in excess of £55 billion is a discredit to Britain’s outstanding engineering heritage. The Government’s blind insistence of continuing with a scheme that does not address the capacity and connectivity issues found in the current network while ignoring superior alternatives such as HSUK is bewildering.

    “With a new government hopefully comes a new way of thinking. We respectfully ask the new Transport Secretary to take the time to conduct an in-depth review of HS2 alongside viable alternatives to ensure that UK gets the high speed rail network it deserves.”

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