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High Speed UK - Links to London & the South East

The HSUK 4-track trunk route will approach central London along the corridor of the M1 and the Midland Main Line, and terminate at Euston Station.  

With strategies developed to divert commuter services to Crossrail and other routes, Euston will be efficiently reconstructed within its own footprint, with no need to expand into the adjacent community.  

An orbital route along new and upgraded lines will link HSUK to the existing Heathrow Express station.

The proposed HSUK link to Heathrow will allow the creation of a ‘Compass Point’ network around Heathrow, with routes extending to the North and to Scotland, to East Anglia, to Wales and the West Country, and to the South Coast.  

This will at last link Heathrow to its national hinterland across all of mainland UK.  The Compass Point initiative also includes a direct high speed link between Heathrow and Gatwick.

HSUK connections to the South Coast will be further improved by the establishment of a new crosscountry route, diverging from HSUK’s trunk route at Milton Keynes and continuing via Oxford and Reading to Southampton and Bournemouth.

For further information please refer to:

M00 HSUK Heathrow Gatwick map

M01 HSUK Greater London North map

M80 HSUK London & SE infrastructure diagram

M81 HSUK M1 Corridor infrastructure diagram

R09 HSUK London-Birmingham Rail Strategy

R10 HSUK Heathrow Rail Access Strategy

R11 HSUK London Terminal Strategy

S03 HSUK Northern & Scottish services

S04 HSUK North-West Corridor services

S05 HSUK Midlands & M1 Corridor services

S07 HSUK Heathrow services

S14 HSUK M1 Corridor service diagram

S15 HSUK London & SE service diagram

T10 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Heathrow

T16 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for London

T17 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Luton

T23 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Oxford

“HS2 modelling is shocking, biased and bonkers.”

Margaret Hodge, Chair, Public Accounts Committee

“No economic case for HS2... it will destroy jobs and force businesses to close.”

Institute of Economic Affairs


London & the South East Services Diagram

London & the South East Infrastructure Diagram