High Speed UK (HSUK) is an alternative high speed rail network developed by professional railway engineers to address the shortcomings of HS2.
On a like-for-like basis HSUK trumps HS2 in every aspect.

The aim of the HS2 project is to deliver “hugely enhanced capacity and connectivity” between the UK’s major conurbations.

These gains in rail network capacity and connectivity are essential to rebalance the UK economy and bring about step-change reductions in transport CO2 emissions.



Not the Northern Powerhouse, but “The Northern Poorhouse”  How the Transport Establishment failed the People of the North
A report by: Colin Elliff BSc CEng MICE Civil Engineering Principal, High Speed UK   

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But HS2 doesn’t deliver.  Instead it damages the national rail network and reinforces the North-South Divide.  With HS2 in place, the Midlands Engine and the Northern Powerhouse will never happen. 

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When compared with our HSUK alternative, HS2 fails every test.

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The Government and HS2 Ltd have been repeatedly warned of HS2’s multiple failings, and of HSUK’s vastly superior performance.  But they have ignored everything they’ve been told.  In the process they will waste at least £20 billion of public money. 

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The Government’s and HS2 Ltd’s actions in pressing ahead with HS2 in its current form are bordering on the criminal.

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